Body Temperature Checks Are Becoming the New Normal

Body Temperature Checks Are Becoming the New Normal

Eventually, when the dust settles on this pandemic and things start to go back to normal, it’s just fact that it won’t be the normal we knew. Dining out, going to the movies, staying at hotels, flying and most importantly, reporting to work, will be affected by new protocols that aim at providing consistent health and safety, while reviving businesses. 

As parts of the country start relaxing strict measures and businesses reopen, we will have to grow accustomed to body temperature screening devices upon entering public buildings, schools, factories, medical centers, and office buildings. 

Although thermometers have been widely used to measure temperature both at home and at medical offices, temperature screening kiosks and thermal cameras are now preferred as they provide contactless body temperature detection for individuals and multiple people.

Body temperature detection systems that identify elevated body temperature (EBT) usually consist of a special sensory camera that can detect body temperature from a distance in real time without any physical contact. These systems also include PC software as well as a black bodyto use as a reference. 

Fever-screening stations or kiosksare also used for contactless temperature-checking to keep patrons and staff safe. They can be installed as a freestanding unit, on a wall mount or on a countertop.

While these thermal temperature monitoring solutions cannot be considered a medical device to provide a diagnostic assistance for healthcare professionals, they can become a very useful tool to quickly and automatically detect possible sources of contagion. Further steps should always be taken after the camera sensor detects a higher than normal body temperature, other than the automatically resulted entry prevention.

Body Temperature Checks

These devices feature other capabilities that can further enhance their uses as an entry or access automatic system, including face recognition. So, at the employees’ entrance of an office building for example, a single unit can be installed that would act as a temperature measuring device and also as a face recognition, which will automatically grant access to individuals if both criteria are meet (no fever and face match with the employee database). The device can be connected to the security system to indicate when it should unlock the door to allow people who passed both screening processes inside.

How to choose the best body temperature system for my business.

While there are many different types of devices for contactless fever screening, (including handheld infrared thermometers), for large gatherings the field is narrowed down to two kinds: tablet-like units that individually scan people using their screen to indicate where they should stand and for how long, and wall-mounted thermal cameras that can screen large groups of people at once with no positioning indications or time constrains. While the former usually can be rather affordable and in the spending grasp of small businesses, restaurants, residential buildings, buses and churches, the latter are more expensive and are usually acquired by large companies or governmental organizations who need to screen hundreds of employees and customers every day, as well as for sporting eventsand entertainment venues. 

Temperature Screening Kiosk

Bullet Thermal Camera

Therefore, to select the right device or system for your venue you first need to determine if the volume of people that will need to be checked will allow that individuals stand one at the time in front of the device and follow brief instructions while the measurements are taking place, or if you will need to screen large groups walking by all at once. Keep in mind that some devices can work in conjunction with a security system with facial recognition, to open doors or grant access, and that even if it’s a relatively small number of people using one of these table-like units, they will be a lot more effective than having a security guard equipped with a handheld thermal scanner checking people one at a time. 

This recent pandemic virus continues to threaten the health and well-being of communities worldwide and businesses more than ever need to invest in the fight to protect their customers and employees. 

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