Wired Lavalier Microphones

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What’s the difference between the different Enersound LAV-100s?


The only difference is the plug. Different brands use different plugs on their audio devices so in order to make them compatible, each of the LAV-100 microphone models comes with a different plug. For example, LAV-100SEN, LAV-100AT and LAV-100SHU respectively are compatible with Sennheiser, AudioTechnica, and Shure bodypack devices.

Are these microphones only compatible with wireless microphone systems?


No, there are many uses for this kind of unit that don’t involve a wireless microphone system, such as simultaneous interpretation and tour guide purposes.

If I need a microphone for a device from a brand that is not on your model codes, can I still use one of these models for it?


Yes, if you had previously checked what plug your device uses you only need to make sure you purchase the LAV-100 with the same plug regardless of the brand that the description recommends it for. If the plugs match, then it’s compatible.

How long is the cord on these models?


The cord is 5.2ft (1.6m) long.

Do I need an adapter to use the LAV-100APP with my iPhone?


That depends on the model of your iPhone, for example iPhones from iPhone 2007 to iPhone 6s 2015 feature a female 3.55mm jack so no adapter is required, but for newer models starting from iPhone 8 a Lightning port to 3.5mm jack adapter is needed.