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What microphone do you recommend using with your TP-600 portable FM transmitter for interpretation uses?


We recommend using the Enersound MIC-200SEN since this model features a locking plug which can be very useful when the interpreter is moving around.

What translation microphone is the best option for a desktop FM transmitter?


For desktop-based transmitters like the Enersound T-500 we recommend the Enersound MIC-300 model. Due to its robust build and outstanding audio quality, it is the best choice that we carry.

I see your interpretation system always include a headband microphone, but could they work as well with a lapel model?


Yes, lapel or lavalier models like the Enersound LAV-100 can also work with portable or desktop transmitters. However, headband microphones tend to be recommended though as they are closer to the mouth and thus, have better sound quality.

What’s the best way to clean these translation microphones?


We recommend using a wet cloth with a 10% alcohol solution, which should be carefully applied throughout the mouthpiece as well as the rest of the product.

Can I use a headset with both a microphone and headphones to do interpretation? If so, which one do you recommend?


Yes, you can replace both the included double headphones and the mic in the TSB bundles with a single headset microphone that fulfils both functions. But you must keep in mind that not every headset will be compatible with your system. As a rule of thumb, the headset will need to have two plugs (one for microphone and one for headphones), unlike most regular and PC headsets that feature only one plug. We recommend the Sennheiser model listed on this page.

What microphone do you recommend for remote interpretations with online platforms such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams?


We recommend Sennheiser double-sided headset with noise cancelling and USB plug to connect to a PC or laptop. Model SC-60 is a very good option.