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FAQ's Wired Microphones

Do these microphones come with a body pack transmitter?


No, the bodypack transmitter is sold separately. You can purchase these microphones to use as replacement units for damaged or missing mics, or even upgrades for your current microphones.

Can these microphones be used with a PC?


Most of these are not compatible with Windows or MAC computers, with the exception of headsets mics that feature two separate plugs for microphone and headphones, like this model from Sennheiser or the CS-300 series that can be connected to a PC with the USB adapter pack for blended meetings.

Your Sennheiser compatible models use a 3.5mm jack, why are they different models than the ones meant for android phones for example that use the same jack?


Sennheiser devices add an extra layer of security on their audio connections with a locking mechanism, which secures the jack in its place by adjusting a rotating piece, this is not present on regular plugs, but it is on our Sennheiser compatible mics, like the MIC-550SEN and the MIC-400SEN.

What’s the difference between Enersound models MIC-200 and MIC-300? They look quite similar in the pictures.


The MIC-300 model features a more robust design and the headband is made of plastic, while the MIC-200 has a slimmer frame but made of metal.

Can the Enersound gooseneck mic DU-300 be used on its own?


No, that microphone is designed to be part of the CS-300 push to talk conference microphone system, and it works in conjunction with the CU-300 control unit that is also part of that system.