Wired Headset Microphones

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Wired Headset Microphones for Your Communication Needs. The main use for Wired Headset Microphone is to speak and listen hands free. Up to 60% OFF.

FAQ's Wired Headset Microphones

I see your headband mics feature a behind the head design instead of over the head like regular headsets, why is that?


Usually most professional interpreters and seasoned public speakers prefer this configuration as it’s more comfortable for long term use, as well as less visible from an audience point of view.

Do the Enersound mics include a pouch?


Only the MIC-400 series includes a protective storage pouch, since it’s meant to safely carry and secure the small accessories included with this professional mic.

Do you sell any noise canceling headset with microphone?


Yes, we currently offer the MIC-044-2P as well as the SC-60 headset microphones with noise cancelling technology.

What’s the difference between the MIC-500 and MIC-550 series of Enersound microphones?


The difference is a slight change in the design of the headband; functionally they work the same way.

Do you sell any folding headsets that are easy to carry?


Yes, with have available the HED-21 from Williams Sound, that can be folded to a very small size and fit in any bag or pocket.