What makes the TMS-550 the top Thermal Bullet Camera on the market?

What makes the TMS-550 the top Thermal Bullet Camera on the market?

Due to the COVID 19 pandemic, there is a growing range of devices for temperature control available on the market. Among the most used devices are hand-held thermometers, temperature screening kiosks and thermal imaging cameras.

If you lack experience in this field, you may feel overwhelmed as you attempt to understand the differences between the different alternatives available for products that appear to be similar.

Differences between Thermal Bullet Camera and other cameras on the market.

That is why in this blog we are going to discuss the main differences between our Thermal Bullet Camera and other cameras on the market.

Do all thermal cameras have the same function?

The short answer is no.

But why?

Most of the cameras that we may find looking for 'Thermal Bullet Camera/ Thermal Network Bullet Camera' are not intended to be used as temperature control devices, but rather as surveillance cameras or to monitor changes in the temperature of objects or locations.

Our camera, on the other hand, is designed with the idea of not only measuring the temperature, but also being able to detect faces and serve as an access control device, which makes it superior to these other devices that can be found online.

As for the hardware, unlike other cameras that only capture the thermal image, our device is created with top of the line technology, featuring a high-definition dual camera that allows you to capture both visible image and thermal image.

The camera features a 5MP (2592 ×1944) @30 fps quality lens, and can detect and capture about 30 faces simultaneously, while for the thermal camera the resolution is 384 x 288, and the accuracy is ± 0.5°C@(30°C~42°C) or ±0.3°C@ (30°C~42°C, with blackbody).

The blackbody is included in the set; and consists of a small box that absorbs all the electromagnetic radiation (light) that strikes it from all directions and frequencies. It also helps to stay in thermal equilibrium by emitting radiation at the same rate as it absorbs. The thermal detector reads the temperature from the blackbody continuously and uses this to provide automatic ongoing calibration.

The major difference with other cameras:

But that's not it, the major difference that stands out among other cameras, even those with similar hardware specifications is our very own integrated software. 

The software was designed bearing in mind the requirements to make this thermal camera the definitive solution to temperature control at places with a high concentration of people, such as health centers, train stations, shopping malls, sports stadiums, construction sites and more. 

Besides displaying both the visible and thermal image, it can also detect faces, capture the image and, in case of detecting high temperature, trigger different customizable alerts, such as displaying the image on a screen or sending an email warning. It can also be integrated with other security systems such as access control; and can trigger an action to prevent the person from further access.

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It comes with different installation options. It can be mounted to a wall or ceiling, or placed on top of the tripod, depending on the location where it will be used. That’s why our Thermal Network Camera System is a great choice for implementing temperature screening as a first line of defense against the advance of COVID-19.

Uses cases:

  • Commercial buildings
  • Sports and entertainment
  • Healthcare
  • Transportation hubs
  • Industrial plants
  • Education
  • Retail
  • Contruction sites

Uses Cases Thermal Bullet Camera

Important Note: Elevated body temperatures identified by our thermal bullet network camera should be confirmed with secondary evaluation methods. Temperature measurements should not be solely or primarily relied upon to diagnose or exclude a diagnosis of COVID-19, or any other disease.

This product is not intended to diagnose or monitor any medical condition or illness and should not be used as such.

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