Temperature Screening Solutions for Workplaces

Temperature Screening Solutions for Workplaces

Non-Touch Body Surface Temperature Screening Kiosk

During these last few months, we all most likely came across a venue or establishment that in order to get in, we had to go through a security person with a handheld thermometer. The need to do this has become the new norm, but that doesn’t mean there are other more cost effective and accurate ways of doing it. Temperature screening kiosks like the ACP-150 Non-Contact Access Control offer significant advantages from a business and workplace perspective than a handheld device that needs to be operated by a person. 

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Fever Detection Kiosks with Thermal Camera

First and foremost the safety of the person taking a forehead temperature with a handheld thermometer, for example at the entrance of a hospital or clinic, is at risk as he will have to be in close physical proximity to hundreds of visitors every day to accurately measure it. With a temperature scanning kiosk, you eliminate the need to human interaction in the screening process, as well as any risk of contagion involved for the operator. Body temperature kiosks can automatically give access to doors and turnstiles to people who meet the requirements set up in the device’s interface. In the cases the venue decides to keep a human element in the screening process, live monitoring feed can be watched remotely from any PC that can be located near the device or in an office away from the entrance.

Clearly by cutting the worker hours spent on a task that can be performed automatically, you not only save costs in man hours, but you can reallocate them to areas where they are needed more. So, there is an economical benefit as well.

Fever Detection Kiosks with Thermal Camera

And lastly, a contactless temperature-checking kiosk will speed up the process, not only by removing the inconvenience of having people standing in a slow queue outside the venue, but it will also increase productivity and enhance the work environment by introducing a more dynamic element.

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Most settings and venues that require people to gather inside are in some stage of partial reopening nowadays and are slowly increasing foot traffic until they will come close to normal operation. It is important to take precautions and have this type of equipment in place before that happens. While the setup is simple and kiosks are mostly ready to be used right out of the box, some advanced processes need some time to put in place, like the configuration of white and black lists for face recognition and multiple live feeds of different kiosks being sent to a single PC. Thus, we recommend not to delay the purchase for much longer since the new normalcy is almost here.

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What to look for in a Temperature Screening Device

While browsing online you will easily find several different options for this kind of device, so some tips on what to look for when choosing one are in order. First, you should make sure that you’re buying from a company that has local tech support and warranty process, since many of these vendors are located overseas and only have product distribution warehouses in the US with no representatives that can help you or answer any questions. 

The need for temperature screening kiosks is a relative new development, however face recognition devices have been common place in many companies’ entrances for years. Consequently, a lot of vendors and online stores have taken face recognition devices and fitted them with thermal sensor attachments to make them work as temperature screening kiosks. This is mostly to lower cost or to liquidate existing stock, but the problem is that the accuracy of the measurements from those products is lackluster to say the least; they have plus or minus 1 or 2 degrees of error, which would make the process of screening people completely ineffective. Luckily, you can easily spot these products by looking at the frame, if you see a small device attached on the top, similar to an old webcam then avoid that option.

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ACP-150 Temperature Screening Kiosk

And versatility is also an important factor, so look for mounting options, such as floor stands, desktop bases, or wall brackets that can be purchased in conjunction with the device. This way you avoid a problem once you receive bare bones item that will send you back online to browse for mount or a base to rest it upon.

It should be noted that kiosk and screening stations should not be considered medical devices, and the their measurements by themselves should not be the basis of any medical diagnosis, whether it is to confirm the presence or absence of any illness, but rather they should be used as a first warning system or guide to make further measurements with clinical medical devices like contact thermometers.

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