Thermal Bullet Camera Solution

Thermal Bullet Camera Solution

Screening people for temperature has become common place in workplaces across America. We all have seen it in grocery stores, banks, schools and more. Most of the time these are carried out by security guards or receptionists using a handheld device that they aim at your forehead. There are also automated kiosks fulfilling this function without the need for a person to operate them; you only need to stand in front of a screen for a few seconds and the result will be automatically displayed.

Both of those options require people to be screened one by one, and while it takes only a few seconds this might not be a viable option for some places, such as factories where a couple hundred of employees arrive around the same time for their shift, or even a large university campus in which groups of students go through large entrances together at once.

Incorporating temperature screening devices that screen people individually wouldn’t be a practical solution for this kind of settings, even with multiple units it would still cause significant delays in the process, as workers would have to come in several minutes before their shifts start, or factories would need to accommodate shorter man hours. Likewise, classes would either need to be delayed or students asked to show up in small groups at designated times. None of this is feasible or productive.

This is where thermal bullet cameras become both cost effective and useful. They can be placed at a considerable distance overlooking entrances so they would not interfere with the access path, and are capable of screening multiple people at once, in seconds, therefore removing any delays caused by one on one screening processes.

Differences with other cameras

While the cost of these types of cameras is much higher than other options due to their sophisticated thermal technology, it becomes insignificant compared to the benefits, since time is money. We tested various options and taking into account the cost-benefit ratio and also product quality and available support we wholeheartedly recommend the Enersound TMS-550 as the more all-around complete package.

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