Williams AV FM 557 Assistive Listening System
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Williams AV FM 557 Assistive Listening System

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The FM 557 system package is a complete turnkey solution includes 4 PPA R37N receivers and an FM+ transmitter for both FM and Wi-Fi transmission from the same box.

This system features the cutting edge PPA T55 transmitter (replacing the T45 FM transmitter) with multiple digital audio input options and an OLED display with easy-to manage navigation, and network control features.

Each PPA R37N receivers features a seek button channel selection with access to 17 selectable wideband frequencies between 72.1-75.9MHz. The system is expendable, accommodating any number of listeners. This system complies with 2010 ADA guidelines for hearing assistance all for nearly the same cost as traditional FM systems.

System Includes

  • FM T55 transmitter
  • 4x PPA R37N receiver
  • 4x EAR 022 surround earphone
  • 2x NKL 001 neckloop
  • IDP 008 ADA wall plaque



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