Williams AV DWS COM 6 PRO 400 Digi-Wave Wireless Intercom System
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Williams AV DWS COM 6 PRO 400 Digi-Wave Wireless Intercom System

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This Digi-Wave 400 Series Wireless Intercom System is for up to six participants in high-noise environments.

The transceiver in the system is DLT 400 from the Digi-Wave™ system. It is a digital spread-spectrum (DSS), simultaneous two-way wireless listening system. Using a frequency-hopping algorithm, it avoids interference and is a very secure method of communication. The Digi-Wave communication system allows users to listen and talk to one another wirelessly in a variety of scenarios. Headset microphone MIC 157 is another component to this system. It is a single-muff headset microphone with TRRS 3.5mm plug for use only with the Digi-Wave transceiver DLT 400 (included).

Williams AV DWS COM 6 PRO 400 Includes

  • 6x DLT 400 transceiver
  • 6x MIC 157 headset mic
  • 6x DW ACC PAC4
  • CCS 042 heavy-duty system carry case
  • CCS 061 GR grey silicone skin
  • 5x CCS 061 BK black silicone skin