Listen EVERYWHERE 4 Channel Server

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The LW-200P-04 is an excellent option for assistive listening in restaurants, sports bars, and venues where multiple audio sources are needed. Up to 1000 users access the audio via a free app on their smartphone or mobile device. The LW-200P-04 connects to your existing wireless network and uses a minimal amount of bandwidth. The Listen Everywhere cloud server interface makes updates and other service options simple and fast.


One (1) LW-200P-04 Listen Everywhere 4 Channel Server w/Power Supply
One (1) Set of Rack Mount Brackets
One (1) 1.83M (6 ft.) RCA Cable
One (1) 1.83M (6 ft.) CAT6 Cable


  • Up to 1000 Users
  • 4 Channels
  • Low Latency
  • Uses Existing Wireless Network