LAV-100AT Lavalier - Lapel Microphone for Audio Technica Wireless Systems
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LAV-100AT Lavalier - Lapel Microphone for Audio Technica Wireless Systems

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LAV-100AT Lavalier
Lapel Microphone for Audio Technica Wireless Systems 

The Enersound LAV-100AT is a professional, metallic, lapel clip microphone with excellent audio quality, and a small, exquisite metal collar clip. This microphone is suitable for most Audio-Technica wireless lavalier transmitters with 4-pin HRS connector. It comes with a  4.7 ft (1.4 m) cord. Its black aluminum body and metal clip make this a very durable and elegant microphone. The LAV-100AT capsule has a directional pattern so that it can best respond to sound from the front, while rejecting sound that arrives from other directions. It is the best choice for speakers who need to disguise the use of a microphone. Unlike traditional handheld microphones, the LAV-100 can be attached to a person’s clothing. Each LAV-100AT microphone comes with a windscreen. 

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Compatible with the following Audio-Technica Lavalier Systems: T27, T31, T51, T200, T201, T210, T210a, T300, T310, T310b, T901, 1100 Series, 1400 Series, 2000 Series, 3000 Series, System 9, System 10, T1801, T801 T35, T75, T211, T601, T1000a, T1001, 1000 Series, 1200 Series, 4000 Series, 5000 Series, 7000 Series (not the ATR7000 Series), ATW-1101, ATW-701


-NOT compatible with devices using cH-style screw connector such as 3000 series (4th generation and above), 5000 series (3rd generation and above), 6000 series and any new device featuring this connector. 

-This microphone cannot be connected to a mixer or an amp directly, it was designed to be used with body-pack transmitters.

LAV-100AT Microphone Features

  • Excellent audio quality

  • 4-pin HRS connector for Audio Technica Wireless Systems

  • 4.7 ft (1.4 m) cord

  • Black aluminum body

  • Metal collar clip

  • Can be attached to a person’s clothing

  • Made of strong and durable metal materials 

Lavalier Microphone Specifications

  • Sensitivity: -48 db

  • Impedance: <680 Ohm

  • Current Consumption: 0.5mA

  • Frequency Response: 100-10Khz

  • Cable Length: 4 ft / 1.2 meters

  • Connector: 4-pin HRS connector for Audio Technica Wireless Systems

  • Signal to Noise Ratio: >50db

  • Directivity: Unidirectional

  • Operation Voltage: 1.0V – 10.0V (required)

  • Weight: 0.7 oz / 20 gr 

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