LA-123 90° Helical Antenna (72MHz) for Listen Technologies LT-803-072 and LT800-072 Transmitters

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The LA-123 antenna is designed to mount on the rear BNC antenna connector of 72 MHz versions of our LT-800-072 transmitter, LT-803-072 Transmitter, LR-100 receiver/amplifier, or LR-600 receiver/speaker. It can also be used to create a custom remote antenna, such as a wall plate mounted antenna. The LA-123 antenna is included with the LA-125 which allows the antenna to be placed in the front of the equipment rack.


One (1) LA-123 90° Helical Antenna (72MHz)


  • Mounts with BNC connector
  • Use with the LT-800-072, LT-803-072 transmitters and the LR-100-072 receiver
  • Excellent coverage range – Up to 600 ft. (182.88 m)