Indoor LED Wall Screen with Mounting System - Front-Serviceable Magnetic Modules - P2.97mm - 13.1ft x 6.5ft - 32 panels 500x500
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Indoor LED Wall Screen with Mounting System - Front-Serviceable Magnetic Modules - P2.97mm - 13.1ft x 6.5ft - 32 panels 500x500

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Experience unmatched brightness, contrast, & color compared to projection or display walls.

 LED video wall technology is surpassing projection in houses of worship all around the country because of its ability to deliver a seamless picture to any size and shape. LED video walls look great from every angle even in highly illuminated settings. The LED Video Wall is made up of a series of modular units which can be assembled into different sizes. Each tile relies on thousands of tiny electronic dots that light up dynamically. Seen at a distance, these points of light resolve into a stunning image. With LED walls, performers can't accidentally cast shadows on the image or get temporarily blinded by the projector beam. This set up provides unmatched choice, versatility and flexibility when it comes to high-performance video walls.


System Includes:

  • (32) LED panels 
  • (8) Hanging bars 
  • (3) PowerCON Master-In 15ft (Connection for 110v) 
  • (32) PowerCON Jumper Cables 1ft 
  • (2) RJ45 Master-In 
  • (32) RJ45 Datalink Cables 
  • (1) Novastar MCTRL600 Display Controller 
  • (4) Rolling/Stackable Flight Cases 
  • (1) Mounting Stand with four vertical poles (open box floor sample)
  • (2) Trunks for stacking system stand and its accessories (red)


  • Dot Pitch (mm): 2.9
  • Module Size (W×H): 250mm*250mm
  • Pixel Configuration: 1R1G1B
  • Module: 84*84 (dot)
  • Density: 112896 dot/m²
  • Led Type: SMD2121
  • Brightness: 1000CD/m²


  • Cabinet size (W×H): 500mm*500mm
  • Cabinet resolution: 168*168dot
  • Viewing angle: H: H:140°/ V:140°
  • Protective Grade: IP31
  • Average Power Consumption: 280 Watt/sq.m
  • Max Power Consumption: 500 Watt/sq.m
  • Best Viewing Distance: 10-300ft
  • Weight: 16.5LBS/Cabinet
  • Material: Die-casting

Whole Screen Parameter:

  • Operation Temperature: Working: -4°F~ 149°F; Storage: -22°F~176°F
  • Operation Humidity: <95%
  • Driving method: 1/21 scan
  • Working Voltage: AC220V Or AC110V
  • Colors: 687 Million Colors
  • Refresh Rate: 2880Hz
  • Smoothness: ± 0.1mn
  • MTBF: > 50,000hours
  • Life-span: > 100,000hours


Ours is a high quality LED system for indoor use with P2.97mm with high refresh rate. Panels are assembled with both magnets and screws. Modules are front-serviceable. Includes video controller MCTR600.

It includes a mounting stand for free. This is a floor sample that was used for promotional pictures, it's brand new but open box, it was assembled once so screws and other threaded parts might have minor cosmetic imperfections.  

FAQ's Indoor LED Wall Screen

What is the difference between LED TVs or monitors and an LED Wall Screen System?

A LED TV or LED monitor is a consumer household product, meant to be used to watch TV or with a computer at home. An indoor LED wall screen is meant for venues with large public gatherings. Additionally, consumer level LED screens are not designed to be stocked together, they lack the sustaining structure and even if they are placed next to each other the image would not be seamless, it would be interrupted by the edge of each display.

What are the advantages a LED screen indoor system like this one has over an HD projector?

The main difference is the brightness level; indoor LED wall screens do not need to have the lights turn off or lowered for the image to be clearly visible, like it happens with most projectors.

Can I move the panels around to create a different shape or aspect ratio?

Yes, the panels can be moved around to create any rectangular or square shape you wish.

What is the refresh rate for this display?

It’s 2880Hz, which is more than sufficient to accurately reproduce images for current video sources and will allow perfect video recording of the screen by cell phones or video cameras.

What is the life expectancy of this kind of display? Can I keep it on 24/7?

Yes, this kind of technology provides up to 100.000 hours of use which will allow you to keep it on all the time.

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