Enersound T-588 2-Watt Stereo FM Broadcast Transmitter (88-108MHz)
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Enersound T-588 2-Watt Stereo FM Broadcast Transmitter (88-108MHz)

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FAQs for Enersound T-588 2-Watt Stereo FM Broadcast Transmitter

How far can this FM transmitter broadcast?

With the included antenna the T-588 transmitter can go up to 650ft in all directions, but the range can be expanded with an optional remote antenna to roughly 2 miles.

Can I pick up the signal with my car radio?

Yes, if it’s located within the range.

Can I connect a microphone directly to the transmitter?

Yes, the T-588 has a 3.5mm jack on the front panel where you can connect a microphone. It also has an XLR microphone input in the rear panel to use dynamic or condenser microphones.

Can I connect an MP3 player to transmit music?

Yes, this FM transmitter will take the audio source and broadcast it.

Can I record what is being transmitted?

Yes, there’s a recording output on the rear panel that can be used to record the audio.

Can it be rack mounted?

Yes, by purchasing an optional rack mount kit, available for one (RM-501) or two (RM-502) transmitters.

Does it come with an antenna?

Yes, it includes a telescoping antenna for small areas that can transmit up to 650ft in all directions. For larger areas, you may purchase an optional remote antenna.

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