Enersound IC-12 Interpreter Console
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Enersound IC-12 Interpreter Console

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The Enersound IC-12 is a 12-channel dual interpreter console with relay capabilities. It allows two interpreters to work together. Interpreters can choose either floor channel to listen to the speaker and perform direct interpretation or choose the relay mode (when the interpreter does not understand the floor language) and listen to the interpretation from a different booth in a language that this interpreter can understand. Unlike other interpreter consoles in the market, this relay mode is a true channel selectable relay function with audio level booster that allows the interpreter to select any of the 11 languages as their source language for the relay interpretation. The audio level booster enables interpreters to clearly listen to the interpretation from another interpreter booth as well as the floor language at a good volume level despite background noises and still have room to increase it if needed. The IC-12 also allows interpreters to switch on/off and mute their microphones, easily select the outgoing channel depending on the language they are interpreting into (two-way interpretation), and control the headphone volume. It features two 3.5mm microphone jacks, two 3.5mm stereo headphone jacks and two XLR condenser microphone inputs. It is used in conjunction with the Enersound CU-12 Control Unit.  


  • Allows up to 11 consoles to be used in the same system
  • Powered by the CU-12 Control Unit through a single interconnection cable
  • True full relay function for professional multi-language simultaneous interpretation with 11-channel selector and “floor/relay” switch
  • Features (2) XLR microphone inputs, (2) 3.5mm microphone jacks and (2) 3.5mm stereo headphone jacks for combined headset/ mics
  • Speak slowly signal function


  • Unit power requirement: DC+15V
  • Unit power consumption: 100mA±10mA
  • MIC sensitivity: -45dB±2dB
  • XLR MIC sensitivity: -45dB±2dB
  • Earphone max output level: 30mW+30mW at 32Ω
  • REC OUT output level: 140mV±10mV
  • Protocol: RS-485
  • In/Out interface: D-Sub 25P plug and socket
  • Dimension (LxWxH): 330x206x57mm
  • Color: Gray
  • Weight: 2.3 Kg / 5.1 lbs 






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