Enersound CU-12 Control Unit
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Enersound CU-12 Control Unit

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The Enersound CU-12 Control Unit works as a main unit to provide power, input, output interface, and control for up to 11 dual interpreter consoles IC-12. It allows up to 22 interpreters to perform simultaneous interpretation for a maximum of 11 target languages plus 1 floor (original) language. This intelligent digitally controlled system features a security lock that prevents two interpreters to select the same outgoing channel at the same time. The product is a reliable, professional, easy plug and play, stand-alone system that can be integrated with most infrared (IR) or radio frequency (RF) language discussion systems.  


  • Open platform compatible with any RF, IR or FM language distribution system
  • 11 target languages plus 1 floor channel
  • Powers the interpreter consoles IC-12 through the same daisy-chain interconnection cable
  • Automatic floor feed sent to unoccupied channels
  • Relay function for professional multi-language simultaneous interpretation
  • Balanced and unbalanced floor inputs
  • 12 individual 15v outputs to power portable transmitters


• Power Supply: 110-240Vac
• System consumption: 90W
• DC power output: +15V/0.3Ax12
• D-SUB power output: DC+15V/2A
• Line In sensitivity: -30dB±2dB VR at MAX
• Alarm In sensitivity: -20dB±2dB
• MIC In sensitivity: -51dB±2dB VR at Max
• Alarm Ctrl: Shorted to GND
• Slow output: +12V, 1sec Pulse
• CH0-CH11 output level: 180mV±20mV
• CH0 balance output level: 85mV-GND85mV±10mV
• REC OUT output level: 170mV±15mV
• REC IN input level: -25dB±2dB
• Protocol: RS-485
• Dimension (LxWxH): 421x213x44mm
• Color: Gray
• Weight: 2.57 Kg / 5.66 lbs 



CU-12 Brochure


CU-12 Manual


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