8-channel Audio Over WiFi Broadcast Server
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8-channel Audio Over WiFi Broadcast Server

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ci8-channel Audio Over WiFi Broadcast Server

This small server wirelessly distribute up to 8 audio channels in mono or 4 audio channels in stereo to smartphones or tablets. 

The number of customers who can login and enjoy the audio is unlimited. Using a single access point, such as Ruckus Zoneflex 7372, the server can service approximately 70 customers. Then using multiple access points with a network switch , the  server can distribute the audio to the multiples of 70 customers, as many as needed without losing the service quality.

Includes free client side app for tablets+cellphones that can be downloaded from the Apple AppStore or Google Play in Android devices.

The devices need to be connected to the a Wi-Fi network, The recommended  WiFi Access Point is the  Ruckus Zoneflex 7372 or similar (Not included)

What is an Audio Over WiFi Broadcast Server or Wireless Audio Distributor:

Wireless Audio Distributor (WAD) broadcasts audio to iPhones, iPads, and Androids. The WAD is ideal for Churches and Houses of Worship, Sports Bars, Nightclubs, and Fitness Centers where many TVs display different channels simultaneously. The WAD enables customers to sit side by side and yet listen to different TVs using their personal smartphones or tablets. Thus each customer can watch any TV and listen to its audio, such as the sports commentaries, breaking news, and etc.

We understand that during these difficult times we need to be together more than ever. church services play an important part in tough times like this.
That’s why we came up with a solution that can be a game changer for your congregation during these times: Broadcast church services. With the help from the WAD-104 wifi server, your congregation can stay safe inside their cars, while still attending the religious service using their smartphones or tablets.

FM Transmitter vs WiFi server

Beware of using an FM transmitter to listen to the service through your car radio as most of the FM transmitters in the market infringe FCC regulations.

Audio Over WiFi Broadcast Server for churches

How does this work? A Wifi Server allows you to send Audio Over WiFi, in order to Broadcast your services to people inside their cars at the parking lot, or in the street nearby. Find out more below.

How to broadcast church services to cars in parking lots

It’s really quite simple!
You must connect the WiFi broadcast  server to an WiFi access point and to the preacher’s microphone or audio system.
Attendees need to download a free app on their tablets or smartphones, connect to the WiFi network, open the app and and select an audio channel in order to start receiving the broadcast and listen to the preacher with crystal clear sound. They can use headphones, speakers or even send it to the car’s Bluetooth system. 

Note: This is a specialty item. Restocking fee of a minimum of 15% of item purchase price will be assessed. Shipping costs will be deducted.

Other Uses Include:drive-in movie theaters, fitness centers, sports bars, language interpretation, etc.

FAQ's WiFi Broadcast Server

What does the audience need to do to listen to the broadcast?


They need to download and install an app on their cell phone, the app is free and can be found on both the Google and Apple store by just searching for “CiNet”.

Can the audience receive the broadcast while using their own data plan?


No, they need to connect to the venue’s Wi-Fi. This way they can only listen to the audio while in the vicinity, and not remotely from their homes.

What’s the advantage of using this system over an FM solution?


The main benefit of using a Wi-Fi broadcaster like this over a regular FM system is that you don’t need to provide an individual and dedicated device for each member of the audience, they can use their own cell phones and headphones. This significantly reduces the cost of the complete system, as well as the hassle of having to hand out devices and then collect them back after the presentation is done.

Can this device work on its own or do I need other products as well?


You will need at least one Wi-Fi access point in addition to the Wi-Fi broadcaster. We recommend the Ruckus Zoneflex 7372, but any other similar device should work. A single access point can transmit to up to 70 cell phones and tablets.

This product seems to be a specialty item, is it manufactured when someone orders it?


No, we have it in stock at our warehouse in Florida for immediate shipping.

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