50-Person Professional (Two-Way) Bilingual Simultaneous Interpretation System

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The Enersound BTSIC2-50 Professional System is designed to work when two-way interpretation and/or limited relay capabilities are needed.This 50-person Professional Wireless Simultaneous Translation System provides superior sound quality and excellent coverage range, combining multiple-channel transmitter and receivers, as well a dual interpreter console with limited relay capabilities. It can be expanded by adding an unlimited number of additional receivers. 

The IC-2 Control Unit is an audio control center for simultaneous interpretation of one or more languages.

It allows one or two interpreters to monitor floor or relay sources, activate microphone inputs, and route the interpretation signal to one of two language groups, as well as controling  the volume of the audio input. Interpreters may listen to the program (OR – Original) directly from the audio feed or in relay mode from the REL (REL – Relay) input. Interpreters may also select the language channel output (ENGLISH or FOREIGN). It provides floor pass-through on & off control.

Ideal for conferences and events when two-way bilingual or one-way multilingual interpretation is required. 

 Note: This system requires a human language interpreter, it does not translate automatically. 


System includes

  • (50)  Enersound R-120 Digital FM Receivers with LCD screen (no backlight)
  • (50)  Enersound Double Earphones for Audience
  • (2) Enersound T-500 17-Channel Base Transmitter
  • (2) Interpreter Headset with Microphone
  • (1) IC-2 Dual Control Unit
  • (2) 12' XLR Male to XLR Female Professional Cable (to connect transmitters to interpreter console)



  • 17-channel digital FM transmitter with LCD screen 
  • Two-way Interpretation
  • Multiple inputs and connector types for speech, music or any other audio signals
  • 20-channel digital FM receivers with LCD screen
  • Inputs and outputs to allow the combination of multiple Interpreter Consoles IC-2
  • Multiple-language relay
  • Complimentary double earphones
  • Superb sound quality and reliability
  • Multiple carrying options included: belt clip, Velcro armband, neck strap
  • Compatible with most 72-76 Mhz FM systems
  • Small & lightweight
  • No seating restrictions
  • Operating range of 500 ft (152m) (Expandable up to 1000 ft)
  • Plug and play, easy to use


t500-cat.jpg MIC-200 Interpreter Headband Microphone
Enersound T-500 Transmitter EAR-120 Dual Headphones Enersound R-120 Receiver
 ic_2_top_right.png   xlr-male-a-xlr-female.jpg
IC-2 Interpreter Console Headset Microphone for the interpreter

XLR Male to XLR Female Cable



Carrying Case CAS-25  
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