5-Person Portable Translation/Tourguide System (3 year Warranty)
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5-Person Portable Translation/Tourguide System (3 year Warranty)

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Wireless Tour Guide System for Sightseeing and Groups

Wireless tour guide systems are a better way to conduct visits and group tours. They are easy to use, small and lightweight devices used to improve communication between the group and the leader. 

Thanks to wireless technology (FM technology) the speech travels directly into the participants’ ears. Each person carries a small individual receiver and a pair of headphones. The receiver allows the user to choose among different channels and adjust the volume. It can be worn comfortably around the neck or even attached to a belt.

Sometimes it can be difficult to provide quality visits in crowded places or for larger groups. A wireless tour guide system is designed to be your ally in those situations. It has a wide coverage range without losing fidelity. Gone are the days of straining your voice to be heard. 

This system is also a good fit for other situations where it may be necessary to provide some sort of listening assistance, in venues such as churches, city halls and municipalities, movie theaters, museums, schools, convention centers, and others.

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