4-Person Enersound Assistive Listening System with ADA Plaque (3-Year Warranty)

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This 4-Person Assistive Listening System with ADA Plaque is a multichannel solution (in the 72-76 MHz band) to meet the needs of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards for accessible design, useful for venues up to 100 seats (Neckloops are not included) In addition to ensuring that public facilities are compliant; the system can also be used to improve comprehension by people who have difficulty hearing or understanding speech in various settings including meeting rooms, houses of worship, movie theaters, schools, public hearing rooms, and more. The audio is sent wirelessly straight to their ears, avoiding the degrading effects of noise and distance on speech intelligibility. This system can be expanded with as many R-100 Receivers and Neckloops as needed.

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