15-Person Conference Microphone System Enersound CS-300-15
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15-Person Conference Microphone System Enersound CS-300-15

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15-Person Conference Microphone System Enersound

Enersound 15-Person System Overview

The success of a meeting is dependent on excellent sound. The 15-Person Enersound Conference System CS-300 is a cost-effective solution to both your microphone and sound needs. It includes everything that you will need for a panel discussion or meeting of up to 15 participants. Please note that each delegate microphone can be shared by two people, and thus, expand the system for up to 29 people. Our push-to-talk microphone system combines unique design with top performance and extended functionality. One of the best advantages is the ability to connect a large amount of microphones in a very simple way minimizing cabling, noise and feedback as well as set-up time. Our push to talk discussion system is the ideal choice for panel discussions and  meetings. 

Conference Microphone System for Courtroom in Texas

The most commonly used conference microphone systems in the courtrooms have become obsolete over time, which is why the state of Texas has implemented new technologies with amazing results. A modern and robust conference microphone system minimizes the possibility of working problems and achieves excellence in sound.


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 Using Enersound CS-300 with a computer

 Conference Microphone System


Enersound Conference System Includes


  • Plug and play, easy one-cable, daisy-chain installation
  • Superb audio quality with cardiod condenser capsule
  • Excellent speech intelligibility                                                   
  • Full discussion control                 
  • Highly flexible and customizable system expandable for up to 50 units                          
  • Easy to use, no operator required
  • Built-in speakers in each unit
  • LED ring light indicator to easily identify active microphones

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