15-Person Conference Microphone System Enersound CS-300-15

15-Person Conference Microphone System Enersound CS-300-15

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Customer Reviews

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Tyler P.
Superior to others i've tried

This system is superior to any other I've tried on the same price range. I highly recommend it

Lena B

This conference microphone system made it possible for us to hold meetings without sacrificing audio quality or the ability for everyone to participate in the discussion.

G. Jung
A strong system!

We've been using one of these for three years now and recently purchased another one for another branch. EXCELLENT sound quality!

Oscar Walton
Perfect for professional use.

I pitched this system to my board when we were looking for alternatives — Sennheiser's system was way, way overpiced — and I'm convinced this was the right way to go. Full coverage, really good quality, worked well with a Cisco IP phone (with a few tweaks) and mute capability to booth. Five stars!

Anthony Feller
Glad we went with this one!

We are a mining company and we are always having conferences with our board. We were thinking about going with a Sennheiser system, but are glad we went with this one! Not only does it have far better pricing, but also works really well with top audio quality!