5-Person Portable Translation/Tourguide Professional System (Lifetime Warranty)

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  • 5-person simultaneous interpretation system
  • R-120 Receivers for the audience
  • TP-600 transmitter
  • MIC-200SEN professional microphone
  • Optional CAS-10 carrying case for 10-R120 receivers
  • Optional: CHR-600 drop-in charger for TP-600 transmitter.
  • 5-Person Portable Translation/Tourguide Professional System (Lifetime Warranty)
  • 5-Person Portable Translation/Tourguide Professional System (Lifetime Warranty)
  • 5-Person Portable Translation/Tourguide Professional System (Lifetime Warranty)
  • 5-Person Portable Translation/Tourguide Professional System (Lifetime Warranty)
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This 5-person Portable Wireless Translation/ Tourguide System provides superior sound quality and full mobility, combining multiple-channel transmitter and receivers, as well as improved reliability and versatility. It can be expanded by adding an unlimited number of additional receivers. More foreign languages/ auditory sources can be added for a maximum of 6 in the same area by purchasing 1 additional transmitter and microphone per auditory source.

This system is ideal for factories, tourist attractions, zoos, theme parks, museums, schools, hotels and resorts, bus tours, courtrooms, business meetings and more.

Note: This system requires a human language interpreter, it does not translate automatically. 

System includes:

  • (5) Enersound R120 Receivers

  • (5) Dual Headphones EAR-120

  • (1) Enersound TP-600 Transmitter

  • (1) Enersound MIC-200SEN Headband Microphone

  • Optional: Cas10 Carrying Case for 10 Enersound R120 Receivers + Accessories


  • 17-channel digital FM transmitter with LCD screen 

  • 20-channel digital FM receivers with LCD screen 

  • Complimentary dual stereo earphones

  • Superb sound quality and reliability

  • Multiple carrying options included: belt clip, Velcro armband, neck strap

  • Compatible with most 72-76 Mhz FM systems

  • Small & lightweight

  • No seating restrictions

  • Operating range of 150 ft (45m)

  • FCC/IC approved

  • Limited lifetime warranty 


r-120.jpg tp-600-front-up.jpg mic-200sen.jpg  

Enersound R120 Receivers + 

EAR120 Headphones

Enersound TP-600


Enersound MIC-200SEN

Headband MIC






 Optional: CAS-10 Carrying Case    Interpretation - TSP-5 Brochure  







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Warranty Information

-LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY ON R-120 RECEIVERS AND TP-600 TRANSMITTERS purchased after May 15, 2019. 1-YEAR WARRANTY ON ALL ACCESSORIES (including microphones, headphones, carrying cases, cables, antennas, power supplies, etc.). Visit the Enersound site for more information.
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10 Reviews

  • 5
    Great system!

    Posted by R. Bindel on 10th Jul 2019

    Completely satisfied with it! Great range!

  • 5
    Great quality!

    Posted by John Valdivia on 19th Jun 2019

    Very surprised by the durability on this one as well. It's held up very well over the past year.

  • 5

    Posted by I. Pratchett on 10th Jun 2019

    Really good craftsmanship, sound quality and battery life on these!

  • 5
    Great tourguide system!

    Posted by Livia on 29th May 2019

    i'm in love with this system! The sound quality is really great and the receivers rock! I'm glad I went with this system and not a more expensive choice!

  • 5
    Superb system!

    Posted by Jack Nimble on 20th May 2019

    Was really satisfied by how this purchase turned out.

  • 5
    Glad I got it!

    Posted by J. Levant on 1st May 2019

    I've been using this product since 2018 and it's been working great, helped me foster a more inclusive classrooms for students with language issues.

  • 5
    The best I've tried!

    Posted by Rosa on 19th Apr 2019

    I was super-happy when I bought this system after trying out other transmitters for over ten years as a tour guide. The reception is great up until the very edge of the transmitter's range and people at the museum are always happy with the receivers and earpieces. I'm buying more receivers next month!

  • 4
    Very professional!

    Posted by Teresa L. on 2nd Jan 2017

    Very professional equipment! It changed my life at work, since I can take it anywhere I go! The carrying case is perfect for the ride!

  • 5
    Take it everywhere!

    Posted by Juan Suarez on 27th Nov 2015

    A real mobile system and it also works outstandingly indoors!

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