Temperature Screening Kiosk with Face Detection - US-based Support and Warranty

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Our Temperature Verification kiosk, also known as Temperature Screening kiosk, uses Belgian built Melexis sensor for temperature detection and two 2 megapixel cameras for the face scanner feature. It provides accurate and quick body temperature results. And based on preset rules allow or deny entry access, by activating automatic doors or turnstiles, among other peripherals. Alerts are displayed on the screen along with audible voice alarms, which can be customized. It can be used as a stand-alone device or can be connected to a PC for real-time remote video streaming, monitoring and operation.


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Due to the current situation, returns of ACP-150 temperature screening kiosks incur a 15% restocking & sanitation fee + shipping charges. Returns should be made within 15 days of receipt of the units. No returns after 15 days will be honored. 


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Temperature Screening Kiosk