Sennheiser ADN-WD1 Wireless Delegate Unit

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Sennheiser ADN-WD1 Wireless Delegate Unit and 15.4" Gooseneck with Supercardioid Capsule 

The ADN-W D1 wireless delegate unit offers excellent speech intelligibility and ease of use. Powered by the exchangeable ADN-W BA battery pack, the unit offers more than 20 hours operating time. The delegate unit features a microphone key that functions either as an on/off switch or as a request-to-speak button. The unit is equipped with a high-performance broadband twin loudspeaker system for decentralized sound reinforcement. A screw-on microphone socket is provided to connect a super-cardioid ADN-W MIC gooseneck microphone (available in different lengths and frequency responses). The wireless delegate unit with its battery pack can be charged in the ADN-W CASE UNITS or using the NT 12-50C DC power supply.


Dimensions Width 185 mm, Length 180 mm, Height 67 mm
Frequency response 100 Hz to 14.5 kHz
Weight approx. 940g
Charging time approx. 4h
Operating temperature 5° … +45° C
RF output power 25 to 100mW
Operating time approx. 20h with battery pack
Power supply 7.4 VDC via ADN-W BA
Antenna connector Inbuilt PCB antennas with pattern diversity
Frequency range 2.4 / 5.1 - 5.9 GHz
Headphone output level 50 mW / 16 Ohm
Max. coverage area 30m / 100ft to ADN-W AM
Operating relative humidity 20 … 80%
Audio quality 16 bit / 32 kHz




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