Sennheiser ADN-W Transport and Charging Case

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The ADN-W CASE transport and charging case contains three dedicated, stackable modules. The BASE module consists of a case bottom with wheels and a case lid, the UNITS module allows to charge and transport 10 complete wireless conference units and the CENTRAL module has padded compartments to accommodate all other system components and accessories. Due to its modular design, the ADN-W CASE transport and charging case can be easily adapted to the size of the conference system.

  • Transport and charging case with stackable modules for ADN-W system components
  • Integrated charging compartments for 10 wireless conference units
  • Modular case concept for maximum flexibility and user-friendliness
Technical Data

approx. 13.6 kg
approx. 17 kg 
approx. 21 kg
Dimensions Width: 931 mm, Length: 617 mm, Height: 283 mm 
Width: 931 mm (base / lid), Length: 617 mm (base / lid), Height: 203 mm (base) / 60 mm (lid) 
Width: 931 mm, Length: 617 mm, Height: 283 mm
Operating temperature 5° … +45° C
Operating relative humidity  20 … 95%
 Power supply  100 to 240 V AC
 Power consumption  max. 250 W
 Output voltage  12 V DC
 Charging Current  10 x 1.6 A
 Charging time  approx. 4h





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