Sennheiser ADN- C1: ADN chair unit with 15-inch gooseneck and KE10 super-cardioid microphone capsule

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 The Sennheiser ADN C1 Digital Chairperson Conferencing Unit is part of Sennheiser's ADN conferencing system. The device connects to the ADN CU1 central unit via Cat 5 cable and functions as a chairperson's microphone and playback speaker. The unit features a flexible 15" super-cardioid gooseneck microphone for capturing audio and dual loudspeakers within the base for audio playback. The microphone unit gives the chairperson control over the list of delegates who have requested to speak when the conference system is set in request mode. The chairperson grants permission to the next person on the request to speak list by pressing the next button. At any time, the chairperson can mute and speak over any delegate simply by pressing and holding the priority key button. 


Sennheiser Digital Chairperson Conference Unit with 15" Gooseneck Microphone 



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