Sennheiser 2020 10-Person Tourguide System
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Sennheiser 2020 10-Person Tourguide System

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Sennheiser 2020 Tourguide System 

The Sennheiser 2020 Tourguide System is a really easy-to-comprehend system and doesn't require as much technical knowledge as other systems. Its intelligent technology simplifies the usage and setup. This tourguide system is very quickly to set-up for operation. It also have a button for synchronize it's receiver channels while still in the charging bay. 

Note: This system requires a human language interpreter, it does not translate automatically. 

Sennheiser 2020 Features

  • Digital RF wireless transmission

  • 6 channels in the license-free ISM frequency band (926-928 MHz)

  • Rugged housing for everyday use

  • Ideal for use in noisy environments

  • Backlit display indicates selected channel and battery status

Sennheiser Torguide System Includes

  • (1) EZL2020-20L Charger Case for HDE2020-D-US

  • (10) HDE2020-D-US 6-Channel RF Stethoset Receiver

  • Automatic on/off switch

  • Large rotary volume control

  • Backlit display shows:

  • Channel selection

  • Battery status

  • Signal quality 

  • (1) SKM 2020-D Handheld Microphone Transmitter


Sennheiser Tour Guide System


The Sennheiser Tour Guide System is an Easy-to-Use Professional Solution for Guided Tours.

The Sennheiser tour guide 2020 system stands out for being easy to operate and for its professional features. This system provides uncomplicated audio solutions for a variety of uses, including guided visits, meetings, conferences and assisted listening, to name just a few.

The operation is completely intuitive, and it does not require much technical knowledge to get professional results. Synchronizing the receivers is as simple as pressing a button (even while the units are in the charging station). This model includes the Stethoset HDE receivers, combining receiver + headset in the same device, with no cables involved. They are lightweight, comfortable, and high-quality devices that turn on automatically when put on and are ready to use.

The handheld transmitter comes with a built-in microphone. Perfect for circumstances where audience members may have questions, simply pass the microphone to them. This allows the entire group to hear both the question and the answer.

The Sennheiser Tour-guide System 2020 operates with 6 channels in the license-free ISM frequency band (926-928 MHz) so it is really fast to set up, with no need for elaborate frequency planning. It comes with automatic functionalities, that can also be extended by changing the default settings for frequencies, if necessary.

Sennheiser’s Tourguide 2020 is a system that offers great flexibility, being useful not only for guided tours, but also as an interpretation system and hearing aid system in spaces such as theaters, conventions and more.

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FAQ's Sennheiser Translation System

Is this system difficult to set up?

No, it’s very simple to use and setup. It operates within the license-free ISM frequency band and is therefore extremely quick to set up, without elaborate frequency planning. Automatic functionalities make installation and operation easier still.

Are the headphones included? I don’t see them in the description

The receivers have a truly unique design that integrates both the receiver and headphones in one unit for easy operation and storage.

How many receivers can I charge at the same time?

The charger bay can charge up to 20 receivers simultaneously.

What is the warranty on this system?

Sennheiser offers two-year warranty.

Is the microphone wired?

The microphone included is wireless, same as the digital receivers.

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