Navilution Listen EVERYWHERE Portable 8-CH AC/DC System
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Navilution Listen EVERYWHERE Portable 8-CH AC/DC System

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The Navilution Listen EVERYWHERE Portable 8-CH AC/DC System is a GPS triggered commentary system with 8 channels for simultaneous delivery of audio to passenger’s smartphones in different languages and topics. The system can be expanded to 16 channels with additional hardware. Simple and safe, this system allows passengers to use their own iOS or Android smartphone to select a channel and adjust volume. After passengers download the free app, there is no internet required. And, the app can be customized to your brand. It comes in a portable case that makes it simple and fast to set up in a vehicle or vessel. It can be operated on 110/220VAC or 12/24VDC. The system includes a display control panel and external GPS antenna/receiver for reliable GPS triggering.  Route planning, GPS triggers and tour development is simple and easy using Navilution Cortex, a proprietary cloud-based software tool. For audio tour development, there is basic, advanced and creative tour development training and Listen tour development partners that can help in the development of your audio tour. The system also supports video delivery to an onboard monitor to enhance passenger experience and can be used for ASL.

The Display Control Panel (“DCP”) is an external display that improves safety and reduces drivers and captains’ distractions. Displaying the elapsed time of audio tour commentary, drivers and captains manage route timing without slowing down or speeding up. The easy to read touch screen shows the audio commentary playlist, with play, pause, and stop features for guides. Users access safety and emergency announcements, off-route audio commentary, and quickly set the language to play over the public address system’s speakers using one-finger touches.


One (1) LN-200N Navilution NEXT Server
One (1) LN-075-DCP Navilution Display Control Panel
One (1) LN-050-GPSR Navilution GPS Receiver
One (1) LW-200P-08 Listen EVERYWHERE 8-Channel Server
Two (2) LA-508 RCA Mono to Terminal Block Cable (Qty: 4)
One (1) LN-300N-CASE Navilution Carrying Case
One (1) Quick Start Guide
Cortex – Cloud-based Tour Development Software


  • Portable carry case makes it fast to quickly set up an audio tour system in any vehicle or vessel.
  • Operates on 110/220AC or 12/24VDC.
  • GPS triggered commentary system with up to 8 channels for simultaneous delivery of audio to passengers in different languages and topics (expandable up to 16 channels with additional hardware).
  • Simple and safe – passengers use their own iOS or Android smart phone, for the bring your own device market enabling a superior end user listening experience and no operation device distribution challenges.
  • Customize the app to fit your brand and share more information.
  • Cortex cloud-based tour development software makes it simple, easy and fast to build audio tours. Basic, advanced and creative tour design training available and tour development partners can create your tours.
  • HDMI video delivery of story supporting visual experience or ASL for the hearing impaired and deaf.
  • Display Control Panel (DCP) enable the operator to start/stop tours.
  • Local audio-video integration sales, installation and support.