LA-101 Listen Technologies Helical Top Mounted Antenna 72 MHz for LT-800 and LT-803 Transmitters

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Easy to install, top mounted, helical antenna for use with the Listen Technologies LT-800-072 and LT-803-072 transmitter. The antenna mounts through an opening on top of the LT-800-072. The LA-101 is a low clearance antenna. For better coverage, the LA-106 Telescoping Top Mounted Antenna (72 MHz) and the LA-116 Coaxial Dipole Remote Antenna (72MHz) may be other options. It is not recommended to use the LA-101 with the LA-326 Universal Rack Mounting Kit and the LA-125 Antenna Kit for Rack Mount (72 MHz).  


One (1) LA-101 Helical Top Mounted Antenna (72 MHz)