What makes the ACP-150 temperature screening kiosk stand out from similar ones on the market?

What makes the ACP-150 temperature screening kiosk stand out from similar ones on the market?

 If you are in the market for a temperature screening kiosk it would not have taken you long to find more products and options than you have time to compare. There are dozens of these items, with wide ranging price points and features, some of them from well-known brands, others from unfamiliar companies and vendors. We’ve really gone the extra mile with our kiosk to make sure it offers exactly what our customers are expecting and more, both in quality and features, so we thought it would be a good idea to make a list of what sets apart our offering from other similar looking ones you’ll find online:

ACP-150 Temperature Screening Kiosk

Fast and accurate temperature detection and face recognition

Face detection technology based on improved multi-tasking cascaded convolutional neural networks reduces the requirements for image quality and greatly improves the speed of face detection. 

Email notifications when connected to the Internet

The ACP-150 kiosk can be set up to send automatic email warnings when it detects a person with temperature above a certain value, which can be customized. These emails will include the name, the image that the device captured during the screening, their name if they are on the face recognition database and the time of entry. The emails can be set up to originate from any email account, such as Gmail Yahoo or your corporate email account. This feature may not be present on all other kiosks.

It allows developers to integrate this device using HTTP and HTTPS protocols to create their own applications.

Beyond the basic functions found within the included software like the ability to download reports, upload batches of face images, set up alarms, or customize the requirement for mask and other features; there is a huge number of possible integrations with other devices, some of them being already contemplated and included such as access control to open/close doors automatically, while others that are not present can be developed by a programmer in case you need something very specific, such as connecting the kiosk to a printer to automatically print access cards or batches. 

Customizable voice alerts

You can customize your own audio voice or sound alerts, even in different languages. Installed with the device are a series of voice recordings meant to be used in different instances of the screening process, such as “Please pass.”, “Abnormal temperature”, “Please wear a mask.” and many more. You can use these preexisting recordings if you like, however these can be customized any way you want. You can rerecord them yourself using the PC’s microphone, you can use a text to speech software to have them say something else, or in a different language. During our research process we found that this feature is absent on most similar products and we decided to include it since we consider that many people will want the voice response in a certain way and they should have the ability to modify them as they please.

Stock in the US

We maintain our temperature screening kiosks stock at our South Florida warehouse. Orders are usually shipped within 24hs after they are placed and may take 1 to 5 business days for delivery depending on the recipient’s city and state. Many other similar devices you will find online are from vendors located overseas, and even if they are listing them on American marketplaces, they usually incur shipping delays of at least 2 weeks, and in many cases, more than a month. During that period, you cannot cancel the order or ask for a refund. In many cases, you may need to pay additional customs duties to receive the item. We are an American company with existing stock physically located in the US and ready to be shipped. 

US-based customer support and warranty

We are based in West Park, Florida and provide high quality live phone and email support in English and Spanish Monday to Friday during our working hours of 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. ET. We can help you with the installation and basic functions and answer any technical question you may have, both before and after your purchase. In addition, our warranty protection will replace any defective unit within just a few days. Most other vendors featuring similar devices offer no live support. This is because they are based overseas, usually in China and due to the time difference and language barriers at best they will offer limited email support that will take several days to answer questions or solve problems. The same applies to the warranty protection, where the item will need to be shipped internationally and it will take weeks for you to get a replacement or a refund if you are lucky enough to get one. 

Designed with temperature screening and face recognition in mind

The need for this kind of product is a very recent development, and usually the research and development of any technological product can take years until it hits the market. Before these difficult times, most screening kiosks available on the market were intended for only face recognition use and were designed with the necessary elements for that function. Instead of developing a new product, what many factories and companies did was to take a face recognition only kiosk and equip it with a thermal sensor by attaching it on top of the frame. This is not a problem per se; however, we have tested many of those items and found that the temperature screening feature was inaccurate, sometimes with margins of error superior to three degrees Farenheit.

The ACP-150, on the other hand, was designed with the dual function of temperature screening and face recognition in mind from the beginning, and you can confirm this by seeing that the thermal sensor is built-in and not added on top. This makes the device extremely accurate with +/-0.3 °C margin of error and instant results. Therefore, we highly recommend avoiding repurposed face scanners when on the market for a temperature screening kiosk, and to spot them make sure you check if the thermal sensor is attached on top (like an old webcam), because if it is, then thermal screening was not its main purpose when it was first launched. 

Belgian-made thermal technology

The ACP-150 kiosk features a thermal sensor manufactured by the Belgian company Melexis. They are a worldwide leader in this area and their products are used by many international brands. This sensor provides fast and accurate readings. In contrast, many other kiosks feature sensors from Asian companies with limited experience in this market and with lower quality, making the temperature readings highly unreliable. 

Simple and intuitive software

When you first connect the ACP-150 to a PC to set it up it will prompt you to download a program to use its many functions. This software is intuitive and easy to use. Downloading reports, uploading pictures for face recognition, setting up a trigger temperature, email alerts, changing the voice recording messages and many more features are simple to set up and use. We have sampled other devices and most of the time they include a cumbersome and complicated program that would require an IT person or technician to set it up at first and to make any modifications later. 

Mounting options

ACP-150 with 5 different mounting options

These devices will need to adapt to a large variety of environments and settings: in some places there won’t be any room to set up the kiosk in the middle of a hallway, in the entrance of a building, or sometimes instead of standing in a walkway it will need to be attached to a turnstile or placed on a desk. Most vendors will let you figure out on your own how to mount it. You might even need to have a threaded hole drilled in a wall or a table to safely place it. So, to avoid any headaches when you first receive your kiosk, we’ve prepared 4 different mounting options that can be shipped together with the device in addition to the included tubular bracket: two floor stand solutions (including one with an adjustable height and another one with LED light), a desktop solution and a wall bracket to easily encase next to a regular or an automated door. All these mounting options are available in our website for you to decide the one that best suits your needs at the time of purchase.

Closing remarks

Having gone over the many advantages of the ACP-150 temperature screening kiosk with face recognition and access control, I’m sure you’ll agree that ours is the most complete and accurate solution on the market. We highly recommend our product, and we stand behind and guarantee its quality. We hope this article helped you make up your mind or at least shed some light on the various comparisons you need to make when choosing your temperate scanning kiosk. 

18th Aug 2020 Conference Microphones

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