Conference Microphones supports Miami’s Teatro8 First Ever Virtual Bingo “BingoOcho”

Conference Microphones supports Miami’s Teatro8 First Ever Virtual Bingo “BingoOcho”

In these fraught times with lockdowns, curfews, and shelter-in-place orders, digital technology is filling the void to keep households connected, entertained, and informed. Almost everything has gone virtual, including school, church services, weddings, birthday parties, meetings and more. People have shifted to work from home whenever possible.

When the virus struck South Florida in mid-March, Jessica Alvarez Dieguez, Teatro8 owner and artistic director was forced to put off their latest production Actrices, and since then the theater has remained closed. To stay afloat and bring some joy to their Hispanic local community, Jessica and her husband Alejandro Vales decided to launch a free virtual bingo in Spanish that was held this past Saturday, August 8, 2020 at 9 p.m. They were able to secure a long list of sponsors including Hotel Miami, Sushi and More, Sandra Brener & Associates Pediatric Dentistry, Padel Life & Soccer, Javier Rizzo Hair Salon and, to name just a few. This bingo was unique because unlike traditional bingos where numbers are called, and players have to match the number with their playing card, it also included short performances from Teatro8’s past shows such as the acclaimed Waiting for the Hearse (Esperando la carroza).

For 2 hours, 100+ people who attended the bingo forgot about Coronavirus, COVID-19, Social distancing, Quarantine, Flattening the Curve or Pandemic; these latest buzzwords that navigate around us day in and day out. Local and international celebrities including Claudia Albertario, Sabrina Olmedo, David Chocarro, Carolina Laursen, Pablo Cunqueiro, Martin Sipicki among others, virtually mingled with an audience avid for fun and why not eager to win some exciting prizes. Following the success of their first Bingo, Teatro8 plans to have their second Bingo this coming Saturday, August 15 at 9 p.m. People can request their bingo card at Although the bingo is free, Teatro8 welcomes donations that help offset some of their losses while the theater remains closed.

Monica Guelman, Vice President at Conference Microphones says “Giving back to our local theater during this uncertain season is a fine example of our company’s commitment to supporting the arts and inspiring the next generation of artists.”

12th Aug 2020 Conference Microphone

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